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Meher Cafe 米賀咖啡

Barista Dritan Alsela Dritan Alsela Coffee德國的拉花大師

[The article is written by barista 邱鈺翔]

When I started touching coffee, I particularly loved latte art ! But then there was not much related courses and information about latte art, I had no choice but to search for videos online, So I met the German barista ─ Barista Dritan Alsela Dritan Alsela Coffee!!

他厲害的地方是不但能在短時間內製作很多的拿鐵,也能靈活運用手上的”兩個”鋼杯!!!!他其中一個鋼杯是直接放在機器上讓它自己打,再利用交互倒奶方式,取得自己所要的奶泡!! 他真的令我感到欽佩!!

His powerful place is not only in a short time to produce a lot of latte art, but also the flexibility to use the hands of the “two” pitcher !!!! and one of pitcher is placed directly on the machine and let it make, then use two cups of foamed milk mixed with each other, get what he wants foamed milk !! That’s really impresive!!

因為一般我們在打奶泡時都要專心地顧著,更何況是兩杯呢?XD 拉花的鋼杯與他那熟練的手腕結合在一起,看似隨性而簡單的動作,卻能讓每一杯的拿鐵上面都有穩定且高水準的拉花!!!

我想這種流線且順暢的製作咖啡,是眾多咖啡師所追求的吧!! ? 我特地請插畫師 Mieui Lin幫我繪製一幅他的個人肖像畫,讓我在咖啡這條路上,不要忘記這位老師之一!!

Because in general we should concentrate on caring hands of the pitcher when we make foamed milk, let alone use both pitcher at the same time!!! The foamed milk in pitcher is combined with his skilled wrists together, then he always makes every cup of latte art are stable and high-octane!! I think his profession let many people admired!! I invited the illustrator Mieui Lin to help me draw a portrait of him, let me in the coffee journey, don’t forget one of the teachers !! I hope he would like the painting when he received in the moment!









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