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[The article is written by barista 邱鈺翔] 當我開始接觸咖啡時,我特別喜愛拿鐵拉花!!但礙於當時並沒有太多學習拉花的相關課程與資訊,我只好上網搜尋影片,因此便讓我遇上了來自德國的咖啡師! When I started touching coffee, I particularly loved latte art ! But then there was not much related courses and information about latte art, I had no choice but to search for videos online, So I met the German barista ─ Barista Dritan Alsela Dritan Alsela Coffee!! 他厲害的地方是不但能在短時間內製作很多的拿鐵,也能靈活運用手上的"兩個"鋼杯!!!!他其中一個鋼杯是直接放在機器上讓它自己打,再利用交互倒奶方式,取得自己所要的奶泡!! 他真的令我感到欽佩!! His powerful place is not only in a short time to produce a lot of latte art, but also the flexibility to