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自家烘焙咖啡店創立於2017年4月,獨特的白色建築搭配工業風格是〈米賀〉的一大特色。創辦人阿凱(邱鈺翔)的經營理念很簡單,他希望能讓台中東區以及太平區的民眾不用再為了喝一杯好喝的咖啡而大老遠地跑到市區。 隨著時間的改變,〈米賀〉已造就台中東區這區域的新風貌,讓原本不怎麼蓬勃發展的地方,開始出現不同的商家!咖啡廳代表著一個城鎮的文化,請好好地享受〈米賀〉的咖啡吧 !


MEHER CAFE was founded in April of 2017. The white colored building is recognized by its industrial style, a prominent feature of the café.


A-Kai, the barista at MEHER has a very simple business philosophy. He hopes that residents in both the eastern and Taiping District of Taichung will be able to enjoy a cup of coffee without the hassle of commuting downtown.


Over time, MEHER has created a new look in the eastern part of Taichung and drives nearby business opportunities. An increasing number and variety of businesses have appeared, making the area more prosperous. A coffee shop represents the culture of a town and we at MEHER CAFÉ would love to serve you a delicious cup of coffee.